Reason Why Your Toilet Flushing So Slowly?

Having Trouble With Slow Flow Of Flushing?

Toilet Flushing So Slowly – The problem with toilets is that they literally deal with shit and you know when shit happens, it messes things around. As a result, sometimes you see it floating in the morning for longer. While it is a common draining problem which can be addressed easily but if not addressed it can lead to overflowing. So, we recommend you to find a suitable plumber who can fix this problem. And if you want to know the science behind slow flushing, you must keep reading this problem. We will tell you what results in a slow flow of flushing. Just hang in there for a while.

Toilet Flushing So Slowly

No 1 Cause Of Toilet Flushing So Slowly

The number one cause of slow flushing is the low level of water inside the cistern. When the water is less than the adequate volume the stool will not flow outside properly. Which will later become hard, and gets stuck in the midst of the toilet drainage. So when next time you will flush, it will not move and cause slowness and sometimes even overflowing. To fix this issue either you can increase the volume of water inside the cistern by letting more water enter into the cistern. Or you can install a new age toilet seat which uses less water and washout all the residue by using pressure flow.

Clearing Drain Buildup

Drain buildup is the most common issue of slow flushing or overflowing toilet water. Small residue, hair, insects, hardened stool and sometimes cluster of small particles build up inside the drain pipes. Latter this obstructs the flow of water and cause slow flushing. You can fix this issue by yourself, just pour some drain cleaning product, which you can avail from the supermarket. Let the drain cleaning product sit for a while then you flush and an extra amount of water to flush thoroughly. This will remove all the build-up and the flow of water will also increase.

Clean All The Mineral BuildUp Along With Toilet Rim

If your tank is filled with water and your drainage is clear and open, then your jet holes along the toilet rim could be the issue. Every time you flush, particles will accumulate around those jet holes, allowing the pressure to become less and less strong. Begin by using a mineral remover and a metal tool like a steak knife to clean out the accumulation of the jet hole to fix this problem. It’s time to contact your nearby and Reliable Toilet Plumber if you don’t have a big accumulation under the surface and if your flushing capacity is still reducing! 

Call Us To Reset Your Drainage

The overflowing and slow flow of flushing should be taken seriously as it will trouble you sooner or later. Therefore at Plumbing Turramurra, we recommend you to take serious action when this happens before it turns into a disaster. You can always reach out to us to avail any of our services, we will be delighted to serve you with our services.